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Leadership Diaries #Learning

I just had to share another post about learning, exposure, experience, wisdom and leadership. I decided to forego my trip to India this year and join instead my other family, Toastmasters International, the place where leaders are made. I am not regretting it because there is so much I learn through diversity that comes from people from all over Southern Africa. I believe that astute leaders can be developed and it is our responsibility to become great leaders in our families and communities and that is reason I am a committed Toastmaster. Being a better or great leader can come from willingness to continually learn and mould yourself to adapt to different environments, knowing who you are, what your vision is and what makes you different.


It is important for us to know that we are all human and we cannot always be perfect, but it is also necessary for us to know that we can get better, we can do it better, we can understand better, we can explain better and most importantly we can lead better. I am on a mission to be a great leader and also grow with others who are willing to lead authentically and not allow power to get to them. You have to be willing to change when you pursue authentic leadership. Sometimes the biggest lessons are found in the most unexpected places at times from people we do not know and my #Toastmasters family proves this. Are you open to new experiences, lessons and advice?  Join the leadership journey with me!

To your success,


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Know your destination then plan your path

In life you have moments when you know and can see tangible progress. Then they are those days, weeks or months you can tell nothing much is happening. Have you come across the saying, ‘getting nowhere fast?’ I have experienced stagnation, this is where you do all you think and can but result is zero. Nothing. Wait, maybe it is because in the moment, I am doing the same thing over and over again expecting a miraculous change.

The main lesson is that we tend to work hard on something or implement change in order to be ahead of the next person or the next organisation, losing our direction or focus in the process. Take time to reflect whenever you feel lost or stagnant.

When a caterpillar is going through its life cycle, it undergoes a complete transformation that changes its appearance and how it functions in the ecosystem. It can now move further than it could due to its newly developed wings. Similarly by allowing ourselves to transform following a blue print we are able to re-engage with our surroundings and start seeing new results probably more efficiently than before.

To your success


‘Breakthrough – Secrets of growth, happiness and bounce back from women around the World’

Dear friends

I’m so excited to let you know about our book *Breakthrough* It’s a book I co-wrote with 16 other women. It’s a not-for-profit book with all its profits to go to causes and organisations that help women and children in need. Our first beneficiary is Protsahan India Foundation.

The book is on Amazon now at The ebook is only 99 cents.

Look forward to your support in buying the book and spreading the word. Currently it’s #1 new release and #2 in its category in the bestseller list.

If you think it would benefit someone else as well, there’s an option to gift as well, on Amazon.

Love Mellany.

How to use technology to magnify your potential.

On Saturday I went out to do one or two errands with my children. One insisted on carrying a tablet ‘just in case’ of boredom they said. I gave my usual warning to them about using it in the wrong environment but they still took it. In less than five minutes after leaving the house he started using it. I decided to let it go. However, as we drove about myself and rest of people in the car were conversing on various topics and once in a while my other son would point at something as we zoomed past, like ‘look at that bike’. By the time Mr Tablet raised his head, he would be too late to see, understand or experience. He would then try to solicit descriptions from us and my job was to remind him that it is because of that distraction he was holding.

Technology has rapidly evolved in the past centuries and introduction of so many gadgets along with it. For those in business, technology has made running businesses a lot more efficient and communicating a lot more faster. They are so many benefits, however technology seems to be taking a lot away from personal human interaction, a very important part of life.

At times we no longer notice the small daily miracles as we are glued on the screens of our gadgets. Sometimes a break from technology allows your mind to develop its own ideas, it allows you to realize your own potential without technological short cuts. My small challenge is before you google your next answer, try jotting down your ideas first about the topic and then proceed. Another challenge is in every meeting with someone, try keeping clear of social media and only pick up phone when it rings. Am sure it will be so much fun to try it.

Remember that we have the capability to do so much of what technology enables us to do without it, but we just need to make sure that we use it to bring efficiencies and not rob us of quality personal engagements and relationships.

All the best this week.


Recipe for success = persistence + determination + patience.

“All the biggest technological inventions created by man – the airplane, the automobile, the computer- say little about his intelligence but speaks volumes about his laziness” – Mark Kennedy

Whenever I read success stories I always check the time it took to finally be labelled successful. I have read about small businesses that became huge and I have come across people in real opulence. Once in while I do come across overnight success but it is rare. Most success stories have tough backgrounds but they are ingredients that led to success over time which are simple but can easily be missed.

Instant coffee, instant pudding, instant…..the list could go on. Many would want instant fat bank account, even I would but hey, I got to put in some work. As you grow older, you realize what it really means to put time into your work so you get the result you desire. Although success a lot of the times comes from doing what you love, success does not come looking for you. You got to put seed and then water it so that you reap after a given period. In between when challenges come, there is need to persist. Can be painful but you have to keep pressing in by trying again using alternate methods depending on the challenge.

You want to live large? Well the first step to that is commitment, then persistence and hard or smart work then you can achieve your success goals.

To your success


How to avoid unnecessary information overload

A friend of mine asked me how I was keeping up with the latest in everything, from new applications, to technology news and so much more. There is so much talk about how technology is changing at a fast rate and so much talk about the digital transformation. Added to that, the internet itself has so much information on ‘the latest’ and to a large extent, it is a great place to find everything and anything. However, there is a high chance of being overwhelmed by the latest buzz. Too much means that you end up failing to filter what is meaningful and applying it to your daily life. Information is power and being able to use it means wisdom.

The small secret of keeping up with the latest is the ability to choose one topic at a time that is relevant. It has to be a topic that considers today and the future. Keeping up can be made easier when you read and apply what you are learning. If it is general information, after you read it at least discuss with industry colleagues what their opinion is. That way, you actually learn more and understand the same topic from someone else’s perspective.

If you are passionate about a particular topic, buy a good book that is well researched rather than over relying on the internet. No one person controls much of the information on the internet, anyone and everyone can upload their own ‘knowledge’ and because we ‘found it on the internet’ we think the information is accurate and relevant. Be very careful.

So how do I keep up with the latest? Well, I don’t keep up with the latest everything. I keep up with what is important to me and my goals. That way, I benefit and also those in my sphere such as my family, work and community.

To your success


How to resolve challenges faster than yesterday.

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterdays logic” – Peter Drucker

Do you ever find yourself going through a new challenge in your business or work area and have no idea what to do? Then you wake up the next day thinking the best solution is doing the same thing you always do but again, you and up in the same position.

Each day seems to be coming with a new challenge and taking the same approach to a re-occurring problem is not a solution in this day. You have to take a step back and restrategize. Here is the secret, due to a fast paced environment, you cannot afford to restrategise the traditional way or you will be overtaken by events. I want to call the new method “cutting edge fast thinking”. This is where you research for the best solution and go for it once the sun comes up. Research here means contacting possible people or mentors who might have faced the same challenge, checking similar markets and how they responded, and then weigh your options. You always need to then add that one spin that is new from how you have resolved previous challenges. Trying new solutions is a must in this new era.

So remember that turbulence be it literal or figuratively, is sign that conditions are not optimal, which happens more often that we are comfortable. The way you and I handle these conditions is what creates the divide between solving a problem or merely extending the duration of its consequences. Never procrastinate in resolving a challenge. Take the step of faith and make the change.

To your success.


Questions to ask & answer in the Digital World.

Are you up to date about the digital buzz? If you have been ignoring it in your current space or environment, I suggest that you call me and let’s get you up to date. We are indeed living in a fast paced world, at least according to my world in technology, telecoms and media. There seems to be people who are daily ensuring that change takes place. The technology that we use today has high probability of changing over night. I am serious, you can wake up with obsolete technology and if your whole business model is around that very technology you are out of business.

On the other end, if you have no technology or planning to get more efficient by adopting technology be very afraid. Yes you can be traditional, I agree, but whole markets can be wiped out due to a simple application that if free coming into play. If you are lucky, you can be left with a niche market that still want ‘traditional’ whilst the rest go for fast and still getting a good service or product.

Stepping back into my world of Marketing, it is no longer about #DigitalMarketing alone but fully embracing #marketing in a #digitalworld. The customer is now happy with #Digital and each day the world is adding more numbers on digital platforms. My job is to find the customer in their world. Resisting moving in their new space will not help me at all, and maybe you too. Whatever industry you serve, ask yourself if you really understand the digital world; What has changed about the customer as they operate in the new digital world? How best should you serve them?

I will post a separate blog about the digital world soon where I will share my personal views on #mobilephones, #displayadvertising, #socialmedia and lots more.

To your success


Be open to creative problem solving.

“Companies have too many experts who block innovation. True innovation comes from perpendicular thinking” – Peter Diamandis.

I decided to take leave from work just to have time out with my boys during their term break. One made a bean garden and came to inform me that he has a big idea and needs to build a security fence with an alarm system around it. He wanted to get answers from me on how he was going to get electricity to the place. I advised that he could use a battery instead. He then wanted to know what type of cables to use and when he will get paid for the crops etc. You know the drill if you have interacted with young children.

So hold on to the story… I know that some people believe that experience is the only key to success. Well, this may be true in certain context but we shouldn’t narrow it down to experience alone in most areas we are exposed to.

Innovation, creativity, thinking out of the box is applicable in most disciplines if not everywhere. These elements are important in staying relevant in the world today as the world is changing every day. We are surely living in an era of rapid growth and even product life cycles have been shortened. Not only has this affected tangible products but ideas can also become outdated. No matter how big your organisation is, do not let a good idea vanish under the pressures of experienced experts. The freshest minds harbour the most untouched innovations. If you are a small organization, ensure that you keep promoting fresh ideas everyday.

Back to my story, my son wanted the alarm system to protect his crops from animals and felt that a noisy system would alert him and also deter intruders. Big idea indeed. No experience and 7 years old. So guess what, your day to day problems can be solved by creative people from a different industry altogether. I believe that is why when selecting a board, you choose diversity versus same type of people.

Look out for your sales problem being solved by an inexperienced mathematician!

To your success.


Perfect will follow you!

There is no such thing as perfect. Chasing “perfect”is the shortest road to not achieving it– Gary Vaynerchuck.

I have no idea why I am talking about not being perfect because most of the time, just like you, I really like ‘perfect’. Before I published my book, I kept on writing and re-writing because I wanted perfect! One morning I realized that I was using perfect as an excuse and decided to send the book to the printer and that is how Hungry for Success saw the light of day. Today, I just realized that I have two other projects that I am stalling because I am searching for perfect….and I now I just have to let go and just do them. Do you have something you are not pursuing because you want to perfect it? Just look at people who have introduced something new around you today, did they start perfect or are they slowly perfecting as they go? One of our biggest downfalls as human beings is trying to live our lives or conduct our businesses in a perfect manner. Truth is, we can never be so perfect on day one. My encouragement is that when you know you are 90% and just not proceeding ahead, ask someone to review or help you reconsider your 10% to perfection if it is a real show stopper to going forward. My advice is that if the basic is ready, go ahead with your journey to achieving. Become #confident in yourself and in the #goals or plans you have. Be bold and go forward. Perfect will follow.

To encourage you, go and read about the big brands that struggled but have made it today. You will realize that it is all a journey of perfecting as you go.

Don’t limit yourself by seeking perfectionism! Let’s move on together. Look out for my new blog and new social responsibility campaign coming soon! I will perfect as I go!

To your success,


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