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Aim Higher.

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How to dream big!

I have worked with different women, and at the beginning of our relationship, you note that they suffer from low self-esteem despite their fabulous God given skills and natural beauty. They have no intention of ‘going far’ with their business or career. Their dream and plan is limited by various excuses. It is a sad situation. However, after three or so months when she is now confident and flourishing, you can never believe it is the same person. She will have a dream, not only a dream, but a BIG dream. Women can indeed be powerful and determined to achieve. I love that, and I almost always believe in the potential of each and every woman I meet. We all dream, and need to dream. A dream is a cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal and we need to believe in our dreams.

Do you have a dream? A big dream? What are you doing about it?

Successful people and businesses all started with dreams and aspirations. Give yourself time to think through, understand who you really are. You are unique in one way or the other. Do not think little of yourself. Live life and dream Big, Bold and out Loud. Most self-made millionaires started with a dream, it just has to start from somewhere: YOU.

Ask yourself these questions in order to develop and walk towards your dream.

  1. Have I identified the importance of what I want?
  2. Do I understand myself as a person? Me!
  3. Am I committed and focused?
  4. Do I have a mind-set for success?

A proper mental attitude will focus your energy and awaken your untapped abilities and resources. It is important to also interact with the right people, those that encourage and inspire you to even dream bigger. I have women who have become my friends and they are dreaming BIG and so close to achieving their BIG dreams, whilst some are already living them. From nothing to owning real estate, to running banks, building own schools. The dreams are so diverse because we are all unique, but the key is that we support each other as women to dream it and live it!

To your success



I do enjoy talking and writing about innovation as much as l do about change. For me, innovation helps your business in many ways. If you are innovative, you grow, you survive tough times, you inspire and many more good things come from innovation. Are you being innovative in your business? What new things are you doing to improve from yesterday? Innovation is simple and is defined by various authorities but taking from the dictionary, “Innovation is the transformation of knowledge into new products, services, etc. and it involves more than just science and technology. It involves discerning and meeting the needs of customers.” Innovation is also about creating value. This value creation can either be by improving existing or by developing goods, processes and services. So you can still go ahead and answer the question, are you being innovative?

Innovation continues to be the ‘new thing in town’ and for a good reason too. It will give you a competitive advantage in the long run for your business.

How can you best practice being innovative? Here are the areas to look into:

1. Look out for simple solutions and apply them – that is innovation. If your customers travel to you, and pay physical cash, you could simply introduce delivery service and online or mobile payments.
2. Making use of technology is a faster way to innovate. Start removing manual processes in many areas of your business. It will be cost effective and faster in the long run. You can apply technology in so many areas of your business if you decide to take time and look around.
3. Harness ideas. They are all around you. In the people, in the books you read. Be open minded even to your children’s creativity as they play, you could just get that idea that changes your business. You could also work with people that have insight on certain subjects and learn how to extract innovative ideas from them.

So go ahead and start proactively applying innovation in your business

To your success


Make them feel important!

Feeling Important

Love what you do!

Love what you do

Business Relationship!!

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Take it easy. FOCUS!

I hosted a ladies luncheon with a few friends who have kids around same ages as mine. It became more of a play date for the kids whilst as mums we were chatting and watching the kids play. Our conversation then strayed into business and one mum asked me about how long l had taken to make money in one of my businesses.

The truth had to come out so I explained that l tried business, closed the company for over 3 years years. Starting again did not make anything smoother, for two years l felt like l was sinking my time, money and effort into nothing – before it all started to pay off. It was a painful journey but with a clear vision, it finally took off. However, it has not achieved the levels I desire in terms of systems and also profitability but I am happy as the light is shining bright at the end of the tunnel.

My friend went to explain that she had a ‘money scheme’ that had been offered to her which really looked too good to be true. She was promised 100% investment back, and making over $3,000 a month without doing ‘much’. From her description, I believe it was just a simple pyramid scheme that enriches just a few at the top and the rest of the people pay out. A few dollars come to you as more people join and you remain thinking money will come. This type of business is not the same as a proper Network Marketing or multi-level marketing business. I actually have the privilege of working with a dynamic one which has been in existence for over 37 years. I have been mentored to make 6 figure income and today l also mentor others and show them how to work their business. In any real business you have to work, and in network marketing, it is the same. The greatest reward is that you earn what you want, can get to travel after achieving sales goals and more. Click HERE to get more detail about my business.

Would that be of interest to you? If so – Reply to this by email to giving me your full names and phone number (remember to include it with the country code). See the beauty of a global business!!! We can connect from anywhere.

Back to my point, two other mums then came out stating they had fallen prey to pyramid schemes in a bid to make quick money. I then realised that they are people who are willing to make money, but at times are offered the wrong options and actually lose money in the process.

My tips for you today are:
1. Avoid quick rich, too good to be true offers. Ask yourself, what value you are adding? Is there a product involved or is it just moving cash around, carry out research of people who have been in the business. Avoid using links sent by the very person who approached you about the business.
2. Plan to have business that demonstrates ability to outlive your own life time.
3. Try starting a business around your passion or learn a new skill and start your own business.
4. Make use of mentors and coaches till you stand on your feet. They can help you to put in the right systems and procedures to build a sustainable solid business. You can achieve anything you want.

To your success


p/s: Remember to watch clip of the type of business I am in HERE, and if you want to start your own business, email me and let me help you.

Feeling Uncertain?

As the year is coming to an end, many business people worry about how they will end –as it normally determines how they will begin in the new period. At times there is an overwhelming feeling that you worked so hard in the year-and you worry that a few weeks before the new year, your financial situation has not improved, maybe it actually feels like it worsened from the previous year.
Well the problem is that sometimes as human beings we keep doing the same comfortable ways of doing business. We repeat the same pattern as the previous year and expect a miracle.

With the few weeks left in the year- I want to help you today- stop focusing on the negative feeling of uncertainty. Just stop worrying and decide to change a few behaviours to get new results. In case you missed 3 week sales challenge – please click here and participate.

So focus on the following beliefs:
1. I can still do something impactful to my business before the year ends.
2. I believe my income is determined by my actions.
3. I will achieve my financial goals in the remaining period.

If you believe the above, it means you are opening yourself to behave or act on the beliefs. So go ahead and create a short action plan for the remaining weeks in the year-you may actually surprise yourself.

All the best.

To your success




Desire to be Successful

We continue to read and hear about success. Am sure we can never get tired of success conferences, success tips etc. I believe success means different things to different people. What is success to you? What does it mean to you? Today I will define success as an accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Success does come to those who have the deep desire for it. You can’t end at just envying others who are seemingly being successful in business. Remember, you are just like them you can also accomplish something. In case you are like me, I wasted time being misguided by negativity towards myself. I just behaved like a perfectionist and would not start any business journey because I felt I was inadequate. As I watched others start half-baked products, I would just think I will not do that, and yet after several years, the same people have perfected their trade. So why not try, try, and try again. To be successful, you need to be persistent and believe that you can accomplish your business goal. ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY, so don’t worry yourself out of trying.

Be successful in every part of your life, find what you love to do and do it, Oprah says “you know you are on the road to success if you would do your job and not be paid for it. We all desire to be successful. Think big, believe in your capacity to succeed and go for it. Having the right mind-set fuels success, always think positive.

Success means more to some people than to others. Some want to be successful by all means, others are satisfied by simply trying and giving their best whether they succeed or not.

Thinking of being successful in business!!

• Learn how to balance your time
• Do not be afraid of failure
• Avoid conflicts
• Do not be afraid to introduce new ideas
• Be brave enough to follow your intuition
• Quit saying l will do it tomorrow.

P/S – Success is a continuous journey.

To your success



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