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Set yourself up for success!

Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve unless you grow into the person who can—Unknown

This Sunday, I listened to a sermon on personal growth. I listened attentively because I enjoy issues that push me out of my comfort zone. It is also always great for me to learn how our spiritual life requires us to intentionally develop ourselves. Personal growth is so biblical, this includes your thinking, actions, speech and even down to your circle of friends. Yes, you may need to change people you associate with when you become particular about personal development. It is always good to spend time with people who embrace and practice personal growth so that you learn from each other, motivate and make each other accountable. Lack of accountability can be the reason why you fail to progress in certain aspects. Just not having someone to push you or remind you, can slacken your progress.


Whilst writing my book, the moment I told at least three people in my circle I was now in ‘trouble’ because every meeting we had, I had to update them on progress. As you start a new season, make sure you plan areas of personal growth. Be sure to also get a copy of my book, Hungry for Success to give you motivation for the next forty days. To grab a copy click here

To your success


Guarantee your Hope!


“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier.”- Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Do you ever stop to ask yourself what drives you and where your hope comes from? It is so easy to hope in fickle things that suddenly fade away. As we draw near the end of one period to start a new season, be very careful in where your hope lies. Proverbs 13 vs 12 reads, ‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire is fulfilled, it is a tree of life.’


As for me, my hope is always in the Lord because I know that His promises are yes and clearly articulated in the bible and how I can access them. What are your ‘hopes’ for the coming season? Share them with your accountability partner so that you create an action plan for it.


To your success



Innovate around the challenge!

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it”—Lou Holtz.

I was reflecting on markets across Africa, and as I read different articles, I realized something that gave me a slap across my face: “All markets have serious challenges” they just differ in levels of complexity. I guess that is why if you are successful in one very difficult market, you are likely to be still successful in a different one. It’s usually not the situation around you that breaks your business down, it’s the way you run it!

I am not sure you would believe me on this – but maybe go ahead and research about countries you believe you could go and start a business in. Just pick three countries and carry out a simple environmental and market analysis and you will have an idea of what I mean.

Truth be told, there is temptation to blame our surroundings for most of our business failures or when we feel we are at a dead end.

I have had the experience of staying out in different rural areas because my mother was a teacher. She changed schools often and at times we had to move too. There were several chores that I remember vividly. In Mavhudzi it was fetching water and I had to carry it in a bucket that seemed so huge compared to my skinny frame from the well on my head.  It was far, and the bucket was always heavy. In Rugoyi, another rural area, I had to go look for firewood at the nearby mountain and carry it on my head. Lastly, in the township where I lived, I had to go to the grinding mill with half a sack of corn. Here I had an option to either carry on my head or go and borrow a wheel barrow from our neighbor. In all this I would learn from the others who found it natural because it was an everyday life chore for them. I was shown how to ensure the burden is lighter and how not to get hurt from the load. So by the time I grew up, I realized that every load has a carrying technique.

Getting back to business, every environment’s challenges has a way it can be managed so that you achieve the ultimate goal of profit.


It all comes back to how you adapt your business model and at times how you innovate. The choices you make will either make you successful in that environment or you will close shop and blame it on the situation around you. Learn from others how to navigate around the current obstacles and make your business a successful and profitable business. All the best in the New Year.

To your success


Be Fired Up for the New Year!

“Pursue what catches your heart not your eyes”—Roy T Bennet.

My birthday is exactly 55 days before the year ends. Whenever November comes round, I get excited because I start preparing to spend quality time with family and then plan for the New Year. When planning for the New Year, I just list my full wish list including those ideas that are vague and probably from what I just saw others doing. However, before the last month of the year ends, I will be left with ‘heart ideas’ which are driven by mainly passion and a fired up gut feel. Trust me, when we go after what our heart desires we put 101% effort. Usually with heart ideas, nothing will easily make you change your mind and you stay on track compared to what is driven by what you ‘see’ others doing.


Get your imagination going wild on how you see yourself progressing in the year ahead. What are your short term & long term goals? Think like this, “next year this time, where will I be?” Remember, it is about your heart and conviction. Write it down, share with a friend and make sure you are fired up as you end a season and get into the New Year.

When it is engraved on the heart it is worth pursuing!

To your success


Stand Tall & Make Money with Confidence!

“You can determine how confident people are by listening to what they don’t say about themselves”—Brian G Jett

I have met several people starting business and selling being one of their weaknesses. In starting, at times you have to be doing everything that is taking role as the accountant, the procurement, the sales person and other roles. It is not easy. I have seen people join network marketing but fail to sell anything. People who are not confident shy away, they fail to sell the product benefits, they are embarrassed to inform you of the price they are charging and when  you decide to buy from them, they totally fail to follow up their payment. It can be so tiring to the potential buyer. Have you come across a person like this?

Never feel embarrassed when working your way up to being wealthy. Be shrewd, be bold yet be as humble and be as kind as you can. Be honest, give value for money and remain trustworthy. I enjoy working with confident sales people. Whenever someone is selling, I buy because of their high level of confidence with themselves. Confidence is an expression of being able to! It also an expression of expertise. You can actually learn or be taught on self-confidence or how to sell.


Then you have another type…. those who spend more energy in bragging about their achievements instead of helping you make the buying decision. An example is someone who brags and says, “We have sold thousands of our products already, only people like you have not bought, so buy now!” Really, is that your best offer? I want a sales person who confidently puts benefits on the table and I will confidently make the buying decision. I want to be informed on the gain I will receive from their services or products.

Being confident means you are welcome to being challenged and you are willing to stand by the benefits you are presenting. However, in selling, you will meet potential customers who like pulling sales people down. You need to be aware of them trying to strip your confidence away. Do not succumb to their negative talks which will lead you to try and explain yourself or lead to the bragging trap. The only voice that will speak louder on your behalf with time is the outcome of your sales efforts – the wealth you are building and what you are investing it in.

I encourage you to ensure that you understand the problem you are solving with the product you have or service, and then go out and sell. Speak about it, testify and make money because that is why you started the business.

To your success


Procrastination in Waiting!

“Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening”—Unknown

Generally we all ‘wait’ as a way to feel comfortable or justify our procrastination habits. I usually wait for something when I do not want to take action and at times when I fear success or failure. ‘I am waiting for….’ That is the most deadly statement you can utter when asked the tough question, ‘why have you not done this’.

Common statements are; ‘I am waiting to start in the New Year. I am waiting for my turn to lead so I change things. I am waiting for my boss to tell me if I can start on the degree program. I am waiting to start the business as soon as I get enough money.’ We wait, wait and wait for what? Opportunities go by whilst you are waiting for something to happen. I need you to understand that I am not advocating for rebellion, disorder or jumping into things blindly. You need to start taking on challenging assignments that are in the path you have imagined for yourself. Expand your dreams and live them by purposefully and boldly moving from one success to the next.  Time is going by and one day in the future you may find yourself wishing you had started living your dreams years ago. There is never a better time or a better situation for you to start living your dreams than today.


Procrastination comes in various modes and waiting for something to happen is one form. Do not wait for some kind of miracle or magical thing to come by so you can begin to do that which makes you happy. You hold the magic wand in your hand so go ahead and do what you need to do. Go out there and make it happen.

“Do not wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it”—Unknown

To your success



Move onto new turf

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore—Andre Gide

If you have not read my post titled,Overcome that one fear! I would like you to read it, then come back to this one so that you build up knowledge and get courage to take new endeavours. One of life’s rules is that, if you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place. Your hard work will soon be history as long as you do not step out and discover or embrace new opportunities. The coming in of the digital age is proof of how we need to embrace progressive new ways and innovations.

So, once in a while, throw yourself into to the deep end and get to the other side either swimming like we know it or dog peddling. This is the only way you may be able to conquer that which holds you back or realize potential you have never exercised. Don’t wait to be challenged or dared, at times wake up and challenge yourself to test or understand your full potential. Christopher Columbus would never have discovered the other continents if he had stayed at the shore and watched the waves. The site of the ocean is very beautiful as you look at it standing at the shore. I had such a first time experience with the sea last Christmas in #Cape Town. The sand at the shores was so cool underneath my feet and I wished the moment would stay forever. Guess what, there is so much more to see beyond the ocean if only I get the courage to go forth.


It takes a leap of faith to move onto new turf especially when you do not know what lies ahead. What you need to understand is that inside of you there is abundant power and potential to deal with the challenges of that turf. Imagine folding up your cake business and getting into construction, imagine changing jobs from being in sales to human resources or from being a jobber to starting your own business and being a leader. It can be scary. Imagine being in a cruise ship standing by the balcony looking at the blue ocean. So peaceful with a cool breeze. Is it the same ocean that gets waves as high as 3metres? Yes it is. However, never let fear stop you from enjoying the moment.

You do not need to fear anything. Get your feet wet this season by moving on to new turf.

To your success


Overcome that one fear!

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn’t”—Rikki Rogers.

Last month I found myself in the beautiful town of #VictoriaFalls in Zimbabwe. It was an unusual visit because of one unique event I was going to take part in. I enjoy game viewing, I have done it several times, including on horseback. I also enjoy the boat cruise in the #ZambeziRiver and dinners at the #Boma. I have visited the actual magnificent falls several times including seasons when the rain forest won’t allow you to see your own feet because of the thick mist and showers! However, there are certain activities that I keep away from, just because I am afraid of heights! Bungee jumping, the gorge zip line and Flight of Angels, the list goes on. But on this visit, I had to face m y fears. I needed just to do something to shake off the old and step into the new.

Back to you, what is the one pain point that hinders you from doing what you want? That one thing that pops up as the black spot on a white sheet whenever you want to take on what you believe is your calling. I wish I could say it is simple to overcome, but at times it is easy to overcome once you know that your actual battle is a battle you win in the mind.

So what exactly did I do in Vic Falls? Well, I decided to take the first step in dealing with my fear. I agreed to do the gorge zip line. I will never be fully able to explain how I felt before – but tight tummy, goose bumps, adrenaline the list goes on. I was the only one going down screaming for my parents, am sure the tourists and baboons around were wondering what the problem was with this woman. Well, I did it! Despite my fear, I realized that I could and I would do it. There were nine points in total. At the eighth zip, a very high point, I felt like turning back, but hey, it was already a point of “no return”. To return I would have to swing back seven times so it was best I go through it all. Surprisingly, I did not scream in fear anymore but swung my feet up and yes, a joyous scream of victory came out instead. I felt I was in control and in charge of my daily choices. What I learned from doing what was uncomfortable for me is this, “Mel, go for it in life and face that fear in the face. Chase your plans with tenacity that comes from the inner part of you – your spirit. If others faced their fears what is the worst that can happen to you.”


Did you know that you have inside of you power you have not exerted? That is a post for another day. Would I do the gorge swing again? YES, if I have to!

How about you today taking that step of faith forward. A new job, a new business partner, going to make a presentation, or just starting out a fresh business idea. Ronald E. Osborn states that, unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered you will never grow. My dear friend, you will grow when you face that challenge and take it on with all you got. Either you will succeed or fail. If you fail, it’s a chance to come back, if you succeed, you are just moving towards eradicating the next challenge. Go for it!

To your success


Conscious Growing

“The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life – mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical”—Julius Erving.

Whenever I start feeling stressed I realize that my level of productivity and engagement become affected negatively. This is both at home and at work. It is so important that you are conscious of what is happening inside of you that affects your productivity. When you have a balanced healthy life you have higher chances of progressing with your daily goals. A clear mental state will allow you to see through the various choices that you have to make in the day. A great way to keep your mental state in check is to feed the mind with positive thoughts and surroundings. I know you know this statement, “Have the right people to mentor you”. Do you have a mentor? Do you have monthly well scheduled meetings together? Avoid being harp hazard and be mentored by people who are interested in your success.

Exercising and eating healthy will deal with the physical side of your growth. That is why in other companies there is a huge wellness drive. We all need to give ourselves an achievable timetable for exercising and to also research well on the type of food you plan to eat. This week I attended a lunch meeting in a Chinese restaurant. I asked about all the food I ordered and was amazed at the various vegetables that are good for increasing red blood cells, great teas to remove fat after you eat a meal and even skin rejuvenating spices. If we all checked what we put inside, we would actually learn so much in the process.


Another part of us which we should never neglect is the spiritual side of life.  We can do everything else but if we do not feed our spirit daily we will not be able to achieve real success. The book of life, the “Bible” has so many affirmation scriptures that will help you take each day at a time.

As long as you put God first in everything you do, you will find it easy to quickly get out of the pressure pot that builds up due to work, family or social life. It is your responsibility to grow in all aspects of life and it is never too late to do so.

To your success


Remain Unique

“Don’t be afraid of being different. Be afraid of being the same with everyone else”—Unknown

I remember a long time ago when I was in primary school. There was a general need for people to fit in, and be compliant or just to go along with what seemed common. I would see how people were easily swayed by the majority. No one seemed comfortable with the fact that they could be right even when everyone else was wrong. There was discomfort with being different.

Imagine today, if we roll back to everyone wearing the same type and color of shoes, dresses and suits. I cannot even go there. But I just want to say to all those who are comfortable with their uniqueness, keep it up and remain real.

I believe that we should all be comfortable in the fact that we are different. Even in the way we run our business or the products we offer to our customers. Have your competitive dash to everything and be proud of it.

There is so much clutter, and once you are the same, you may never be recognized or leave a mark out there.

Be sure to stand out. I will be speaking on an important topic in this era of building brands fast and through new channels such as social media and online. The discussion is around, ‘Building and managing the brand ‘Me’ for long term competitive advantage. If you are in Harare, be sure to attend and learn one or two nuggets of how you can leave a life where you stand out and be comfortable in your uniqueness. You can also drop me an email on for further information but the rest is in the picture below.


Be that brand, stand out, and be unique!


To your success



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