This site is for the woman entrepreneur who is ready to move to the next level and to earn massive monthly incomes she wants. If you want to invest in making money work for you in the near future, then you are on the right site, sign up for free weekly newsletters by sending an email to Mel on melmudiwa@gmail.com, take action in your business step by step and share your success!!


Success is up to you.

As gratitude, share articles with your friends on articles you read!

Love you and be blessed

4 responses

  1. Robinson Nkumba | Reply

    Thanks alot for this site but am a man . does it exclude me from participating?


    1. hi Robinson
      You are more than welcome to read through our business material. They are helpful to all. This is for women to be able to identify that they are other women out there looking for solutions also and be able to network with other women.


  2. Compliments of the new season Mel.

    So much loving this site helpful information keep up the good work.

    Grace and peace to you.

    Ottilia M



    HI Mel

    Well done for coming up with this very informative site. As a woman, I really appreciate what you are doing, focusing on women empowerment. This was the thrust of the 24th A U Summit which ended on strong call for Women empowerment in Africa as a step towards achieving the goals of agenda 2063. In addition, when women are healthy, educated and empowered, everyone wins. 90% of women’s income is spent on education, health and food. this meaning that if women are empowered the whole world benefits.

    Keep on empowering us as Mel, and the world will be a better place for us, our children and future generations.


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