Know your strengths and employ them diligently. Know your weaknesses and address them effectively.

Have you ever observed people who achieve multiple tasks at one go and you marvel and wonder how they really managed to achieve so much? Then you have others who also achieve so much more but completing one task at a time and again you still get surprised how they achieved so much in their life when it seems the odds are against them.
Well, learning from my experience in leading people, multitasking can either be your downfall or your strength. The critical issue is ensuring that whatever task that you undertake you do it efficiently in that moment of time. To achieve quality in the way you manage your tasks, I recommend that you take up leadership responsibilities in your community. This just helps you to learn how to apply order and a system that gets you tangible results through practice and repetition.
You could probably be someone who has several projects running and getting frustrated that nothing is giving you meaningful results, you need to reflect on whether you are truly giving each project quality time and doing the tasks diligently. If you are running one project because that is your passion but again no meaningful results, check again, do you have the right blue print you are following? If you are following the blue print diligently, maybe you need to throw in creativity and modify it to achieve results you need.
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