Know your destination then plan your path

In life you have moments when you know and can see tangible progress. Then they are those days, weeks or months you can tell nothing much is happening. Have you come across the saying, ‘getting nowhere fast?’ I have experienced stagnation, this is where you do all you think and can but result is zero. Nothing. Wait, maybe it is because in the moment, I am doing the same thing over and over again expecting a miraculous change.

The main lesson is that we tend to work hard on something or implement change in order to be ahead of the next person or the next organisation, losing our direction or focus in the process. Take time to reflect whenever you feel lost or stagnant.

When a caterpillar is going through its life cycle, it undergoes a complete transformation that changes its appearance and how it functions in the ecosystem. It can now move further than it could due to its newly developed wings. Similarly by allowing ourselves to transform following a blue print we are able to re-engage with our surroundings and start seeing new results probably more efficiently than before.

To your success



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