Recipe for success = persistence + determination + patience.

“All the biggest technological inventions created by man – the airplane, the automobile, the computer- say little about his intelligence but speaks volumes about his laziness” – Mark Kennedy

Whenever I read success stories I always check the time it took to finally be labelled successful. I have read about small businesses that became huge and I have come across people in real opulence. Once in while I do come across overnight success but it is rare. Most success stories have tough backgrounds but they are ingredients that led to success over time which are simple but can easily be missed.

Instant coffee, instant pudding, instant…..the list could go on. Many would want instant fat bank account, even I would but hey, I got to put in some work. As you grow older, you realize what it really means to put time into your work so you get the result you desire. Although success a lot of the times comes from doing what you love, success does not come looking for you. You got to put seed and then water it so that you reap after a given period. In between when challenges come, there is need to persist. Can be painful but you have to keep pressing in by trying again using alternate methods depending on the challenge.

You want to live large? Well the first step to that is commitment, then persistence and hard or smart work then you can achieve your success goals.

To your success



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