Be open to creative problem solving.

“Companies have too many experts who block innovation. True innovation comes from perpendicular thinking” – Peter Diamandis.

I decided to take leave from work just to have time out with my boys during their term break. One made a bean garden and came to inform me that he has a big idea and needs to build a security fence with an alarm system around it. He wanted to get answers from me on how he was going to get electricity to the place. I advised that he could use a battery instead. He then wanted to know what type of cables to use and when he will get paid for the crops etc. You know the drill if you have interacted with young children.

So hold on to the story… I know that some people believe that experience is the only key to success. Well, this may be true in certain context but we shouldn’t narrow it down to experience alone in most areas we are exposed to.

Innovation, creativity, thinking out of the box is applicable in most disciplines if not everywhere. These elements are important in staying relevant in the world today as the world is changing every day. We are surely living in an era of rapid growth and even product life cycles have been shortened. Not only has this affected tangible products but ideas can also become outdated. No matter how big your organisation is, do not let a good idea vanish under the pressures of experienced experts. The freshest minds harbour the most untouched innovations. If you are a small organization, ensure that you keep promoting fresh ideas everyday.

Back to my story, my son wanted the alarm system to protect his crops from animals and felt that a noisy system would alert him and also deter intruders. Big idea indeed. No experience and 7 years old. So guess what, your day to day problems can be solved by creative people from a different industry altogether. I believe that is why when selecting a board, you choose diversity versus same type of people.

Look out for your sales problem being solved by an inexperienced mathematician!

To your success.



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