Perfect will follow you!

There is no such thing as perfect. Chasing “perfect”is the shortest road to not achieving it– Gary Vaynerchuck.

I have no idea why I am talking about not being perfect because most of the time, just like you, I really like ‘perfect’. Before I published my book, I kept on writing and re-writing because I wanted perfect! One morning I realized that I was using perfect as an excuse and decided to send the book to the printer and that is how Hungry for Success saw the light of day. Today, I just realized that I have two other projects that I am stalling because I am searching for perfect….and I now I just have to let go and just do them. Do you have something you are not pursuing because you want to perfect it? Just look at people who have introduced something new around you today, did they start perfect or are they slowly perfecting as they go? One of our biggest downfalls as human beings is trying to live our lives or conduct our businesses in a perfect manner. Truth is, we can never be so perfect on day one. My encouragement is that when you know you are 90% and just not proceeding ahead, ask someone to review or help you reconsider your 10% to perfection if it is a real show stopper to going forward. My advice is that if the basic is ready, go ahead with your journey to achieving. Become #confident in yourself and in the #goals or plans you have. Be bold and go forward. Perfect will follow.

To encourage you, go and read about the big brands that struggled but have made it today. You will realize that it is all a journey of perfecting as you go.

Don’t limit yourself by seeking perfectionism! Let’s move on together. Look out for my new blog and new social responsibility campaign coming soon! I will perfect as I go!

To your success,


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