How to avoid being overwhelmed.

Even if your ambitions are huge, start slow, start small, build gradually, build smart. – Gary Vaynerchuck.

Today I was by my dressing table and tying my locs back. Suddenly I began to reflect on how it was ‘painful’ growing and maintaining them the first year. It seemed they were not growing at the rate I wanted them to. Today, shoulder length, am glad I started.

Ponder a little on this….if your six year old comes to you today and says “when I grow up I want to be a doctor” you are likely to respond, “wow, you need to pass primary and high school, then university to be a doctor”. It would be rare to then throw in pressures of university applications, asking if she/he would like to be a Neurologist or Chiropractor and all. Not to a six year old. Probability is that you would slowly nurture their dreams as they grow and taking them through the fundamental growing stages to equip them to tackle the pressures of medical school.

Obviously ambitions, dreams and goals, are encouraged to be huge, expectations encouraged to be high, but always remember every tree starts as a seed…even the baobab.

As you progress today in your business, do what you have to do. Checklist by checklist, daily to do list, be patient and diligently build precept upon precept. You will look back six months from now and smile at your progress just as I did today over my beautiful hair.

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To your success,


4 responses

  1. But u also have to have a dream of where u want to be


    1. Yes you do.


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