Are you engaged?

Heaven shows up all the time. But we plan our time so that we show up in other places.


I remember setting out my goals and plan for the new year. Today I decided to do a review and to my surprise I have areas that I have not started on but with some items I am way ahead. An issue I am particularly happy with is about my garden. I have totally decided to make time for it and am starting to see results. So what’s changed? I decided to engage and commit to it. I check on the plants often and water the plants. I now have a dedicated person to help with too. I am proud that I have over five different crops such as squash, spinach, potatoes, strawberries, covo, corn and more. My objective is to ensure my family has a variety of fresh garden veggies and soon fruit. Excess, maybe I will share with you!😀.

I want to encourage you, check if you are investing time towards what you want to achieve. First step is to start, and then engage.

To your success



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  1. Like you i have started very well on some and have not started on some but that’s intentional and that’s how i planned it. I kinda set them as quarterly targets so i will move on to the next ones in the next quarter. It’s less overwhelming when i am focusing on a few…


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