Innovate around the challenge!

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it”—Lou Holtz.

I was reflecting on markets across Africa, and as I read different articles, I realized something that gave me a slap across my face: “All markets have serious challenges” they just differ in levels of complexity. I guess that is why if you are successful in one very difficult market, you are likely to be still successful in a different one. It’s usually not the situation around you that breaks your business down, it’s the way you run it!

I am not sure you would believe me on this – but maybe go ahead and research about countries you believe you could go and start a business in. Just pick three countries and carry out a simple environmental and market analysis and you will have an idea of what I mean.

Truth be told, there is temptation to blame our surroundings for most of our business failures or when we feel we are at a dead end.

I have had the experience of staying out in different rural areas because my mother was a teacher. She changed schools often and at times we had to move too. There were several chores that I remember vividly. In Mavhudzi it was fetching water and I had to carry it in a bucket that seemed so huge compared to my skinny frame from the well on my head.  It was far, and the bucket was always heavy. In Rugoyi, another rural area, I had to go look for firewood at the nearby mountain and carry it on my head. Lastly, in the township where I lived, I had to go to the grinding mill with half a sack of corn. Here I had an option to either carry on my head or go and borrow a wheel barrow from our neighbor. In all this I would learn from the others who found it natural because it was an everyday life chore for them. I was shown how to ensure the burden is lighter and how not to get hurt from the load. So by the time I grew up, I realized that every load has a carrying technique.

Getting back to business, every environment’s challenges has a way it can be managed so that you achieve the ultimate goal of profit.


It all comes back to how you adapt your business model and at times how you innovate. The choices you make will either make you successful in that environment or you will close shop and blame it on the situation around you. Learn from others how to navigate around the current obstacles and make your business a successful and profitable business. All the best in the New Year.

To your success



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