Be Fired Up for the New Year!

“Pursue what catches your heart not your eyes”—Roy T Bennet.

My birthday is exactly 55 days before the year ends. Whenever November comes round, I get excited because I start preparing to spend quality time with family and then plan for the New Year. When planning for the New Year, I just list my full wish list including those ideas that are vague and probably from what I just saw others doing. However, before the last month of the year ends, I will be left with ‘heart ideas’ which are driven by mainly passion and a fired up gut feel. Trust me, when we go after what our heart desires we put 101% effort. Usually with heart ideas, nothing will easily make you change your mind and you stay on track compared to what is driven by what you ‘see’ others doing.


Get your imagination going wild on how you see yourself progressing in the year ahead. What are your short term & long term goals? Think like this, “next year this time, where will I be?” Remember, it is about your heart and conviction. Write it down, share with a friend and make sure you are fired up as you end a season and get into the New Year.

When it is engraved on the heart it is worth pursuing!

To your success



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