Stand Tall & Make Money with Confidence!

“You can determine how confident people are by listening to what they don’t say about themselves”—Brian G Jett

I have met several people starting business and selling being one of their weaknesses. In starting, at times you have to be doing everything that is taking role as the accountant, the procurement, the sales person and other roles. It is not easy. I have seen people join network marketing but fail to sell anything. People who are not confident shy away, they fail to sell the product benefits, they are embarrassed to inform you of the price they are charging and when  you decide to buy from them, they totally fail to follow up their payment. It can be so tiring to the potential buyer. Have you come across a person like this?

Never feel embarrassed when working your way up to being wealthy. Be shrewd, be bold yet be as humble and be as kind as you can. Be honest, give value for money and remain trustworthy. I enjoy working with confident sales people. Whenever someone is selling, I buy because of their high level of confidence with themselves. Confidence is an expression of being able to! It also an expression of expertise. You can actually learn or be taught on self-confidence or how to sell.


Then you have another type…. those who spend more energy in bragging about their achievements instead of helping you make the buying decision. An example is someone who brags and says, “We have sold thousands of our products already, only people like you have not bought, so buy now!” Really, is that your best offer? I want a sales person who confidently puts benefits on the table and I will confidently make the buying decision. I want to be informed on the gain I will receive from their services or products.

Being confident means you are welcome to being challenged and you are willing to stand by the benefits you are presenting. However, in selling, you will meet potential customers who like pulling sales people down. You need to be aware of them trying to strip your confidence away. Do not succumb to their negative talks which will lead you to try and explain yourself or lead to the bragging trap. The only voice that will speak louder on your behalf with time is the outcome of your sales efforts – the wealth you are building and what you are investing it in.

I encourage you to ensure that you understand the problem you are solving with the product you have or service, and then go out and sell. Speak about it, testify and make money because that is why you started the business.

To your success


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    Thanks Mel. Beautiful article

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