Conscious Growing

“The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life – mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical”—Julius Erving.

Whenever I start feeling stressed I realize that my level of productivity and engagement become affected negatively. This is both at home and at work. It is so important that you are conscious of what is happening inside of you that affects your productivity. When you have a balanced healthy life you have higher chances of progressing with your daily goals. A clear mental state will allow you to see through the various choices that you have to make in the day. A great way to keep your mental state in check is to feed the mind with positive thoughts and surroundings. I know you know this statement, “Have the right people to mentor you”. Do you have a mentor? Do you have monthly well scheduled meetings together? Avoid being harp hazard and be mentored by people who are interested in your success.

Exercising and eating healthy will deal with the physical side of your growth. That is why in other companies there is a huge wellness drive. We all need to give ourselves an achievable timetable for exercising and to also research well on the type of food you plan to eat. This week I attended a lunch meeting in a Chinese restaurant. I asked about all the food I ordered and was amazed at the various vegetables that are good for increasing red blood cells, great teas to remove fat after you eat a meal and even skin rejuvenating spices. If we all checked what we put inside, we would actually learn so much in the process.


Another part of us which we should never neglect is the spiritual side of life.  We can do everything else but if we do not feed our spirit daily we will not be able to achieve real success. The book of life, the “Bible” has so many affirmation scriptures that will help you take each day at a time.

As long as you put God first in everything you do, you will find it easy to quickly get out of the pressure pot that builds up due to work, family or social life. It is your responsibility to grow in all aspects of life and it is never too late to do so.

To your success


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