From failure to success

“People think that the opposite of success is failure but it’s not. Failure is part of the process of success.”—Randy Cage

How I cringe when I think that I have failed… or when someone says it to me direct and point blank – “Mel you have failed”. It is not easy to accept failure, but it is simple to decide to learn from it and move on. I used to torment myself when I failed to achieve my goals, but I have grown out of it because I have realised that it is part of the success formula of life. People, celebrities, business moguls, and corporate executives that have made it to the top will surely tell you that they did not get to where they are today in one go. They have their personal stories and in there, you rarely do not miss their moment of failure which made them to be determined or change how they viewed the whole situation. The key to their success is usually that they did not succumb to ‘failure’ but instead they used it as a way to keep going.

Several times I have failed, but now I can confidently consider failure as an important part of becoming successful. Without small failure bouts there are no challenges and lack of challenges means that you can easily go with the usual flow and end up with no drive to keep improving.


My current health goal is to consistently exercise three to four times a week and at least run a few half or full marathons in my life. I have failed several times to get up in winter to practice – but this has not deterred me. I am making corrections and altering my personal training program to fit with my current family, work, and educational and spiritual life balance. I am progressing week on week on my ‘audacious’ recreational and health goal. At the points I failed to progress I could have easily succumbed to the fact that I am ‘very busy’ and have too much in my plate, but I did not. I just knew that this temporary setback requires me to accept, learn and take the next step to success.

How are you dealing with your ‘temporary’ setbacks or failure? Am wishing you so much success in this very moment.


To your success




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