Make decisions now for the future

“Unsuccessful people make decisions based on their current situations. Successful people make decisions based on where they want to be”—Unknown.

Have you ever gone to get lunch when hungry? If it is a buffet, you could easily have a mountain in your plate and then after eating halfway, you realize that you took more than you needed.

If you meet someone broke and jobless, what is the tendency of them answering, ‘any job and salary will do’, when you ask them what job and salary range do you want? These reactions may seem so foolish to you and maybe you would never do that… You probably always think straight and about the future when you respond to situations or make a decision!

May I serve a reminder to you today – check what is influencing your daily actions and decisions. Is it your current circumstance and surroundings? It is important to consider your current situation, but always ensure you consider the future.


To start a business – consider the current but picture the future and make a decision. You are bound to make the right and fruitful decisions when you look ahead.

To buy lunch – consider the fact that you can afford to buy anything you want, but picture the future you want and then you and make the decision.

Remember that to achieve success in any sphere, not everything should be based on the current situation. Reflect on the next three years and even ten years and base your decision now on that.

To your success


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