Repeat effort and keep growing

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle”—Napoleon Hill

I am one of those people who take time to reflect on my past and count the blessings. I may have never been the best in class, or the most eloquent, but my life lesson is that continuous effort brings reward. Every successful story has energy, effort and failure in it. My experience talking to those who have achieved, they argue that giving up or losing hope is not an option and no go zone. So my attitude is I can and I will keep doing, keep learning and keep pushing.


Every effort you put counts. It may seem like your efforts are going unnoticed or they are not yielding any positive results, but the more you strive on, the higher the chances of getting results you want. Personal growth is very fulfilling. This is also the same with your business or area of work. The business gets to grow from all you put in. Strength builds confidence and confidence allows you to grow.

To your success


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