Think again!

“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now”—Napoleon Hill

I offered jobs to people who came saying that they needed a few dollars to send their children to school. In the conversation, they mentioned “if only I could get a job”. I ran around and spoke to a few connections and made jobs available. The first one, did not last a month, and the second one got first pay and that was it. They resigned and quit. There are people who can create viable business or wealth in Africa, in the USA or Europe seemingly without effort. They are people who previously lost everything, only to start again and be successful. So what is wrong with those who sit and wait and say, ‘if only I could get to UK’? Do you need to travel away from where you are to become successful or to earn a living? Just want to throw in something here, “not every opportunity in life comes from a different environment or society than the one you already are in”. Again, ‘not every opportunity is found in a different circumstance or situation than one you are in”. You may not need to move from where you are today in search for success. Think again, have you exhausted all the ideas or methods at your disposal to achieve success? Trying new things before you decide to move is definitely a good idea.


So maybe today you just need to step out of your comfort zone and go explore down town, visit people and learn from others that are striving on. Share ideas with those who have had similar situations like you experiencing. But be sure to return to your place and exercise the new found ideas for opportunity lies where you are! If you don’t yet have my book, Hungry for Success, get it online today and email me feedback. click here

To your success


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