Own your market

“Always deliver more than expected”—Larry Page

In my experience as a business person, I now know that if you are competitive, you sell at market price! However, if you are unique, you command a premium. Yep – you can ‘own your market’. Seems very simple but requires minds that are not confined or limited by the space or environment to create that uniqueness which people will pay for. This season, try and innovate so that you own the market, avoid being a “commodity business.” Understand what the customer really needs that others are failing to provide.


Build good relationships with your clients as they are the ones who will tell you what they need. Networking also allows you to understand what is in demand and how to close the gap – if you network correctly that is!

Just remember that “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”—Bill Gates. Stop following the crowd, be unique and own your market.

To your success


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