Focus on you

“I view my strongest competition as myself. You’re always trying to top yourself, rather than worrying about what other people are doing.”—John C Reilly

Ever noted how we love to compare? Always checking were others are and what they are doing now. Even when we are truly unique we just find ourselves comparing. It is completely useless to compete with someone focused on their own plan and strategy. You have no idea where they will end up or what their next turn is. Don’t lose focus trying to compare yourself, your business or your family with the next person. We are all different and we handle things differently even if the things we are working on are similar. Focus on your uniqueness and keep improving yourself. When you totally focus on someone else you will be wasting time and energy, whilst they forge on their own course.


Appreciate where you are today, say Ebenezer, this far the Lord has brought me! Work with what you have as we all have different talents and great potential to excel. So forget about the useless comparisons and start to focus on you!

To your success


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  1. Great advice this works and truly allows growth


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