You are changing!

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different”—C.S Lewis

I really laugh at myself whenever I gain excess weight…..I never see it coming on. I marvel at a new born baby and then after three months I am shocked at the progress they have made. Do you have seasons when you feel as if you are not moving? It may seem as if you are either going in circles or you are in one place! We often don’t see the progress because we ‘feel’ things are not moving at the pace that we want. My husband always tells me, ‘feelings can be dangerous because they are just feelings, not truth.’ Take time to reflect back and appreciate every step. You will realize that you have come a long way and you have covered so much ground. I really enjoy the pictures which my friends post on Throw Back Thursday. I marvel at the pictures and become grateful to time and God!


So don’t always believe you have not improved or changed. Don’t always compare for no reason – but look back a year ago, five years ago and just appreciate the progress. So even if you are not seeing change today, it does not mean that it is not happening to you or around you. Make sure it is positive change!

To your success



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