After you fall!

‘The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one that never fell’—Unknown

You might have accomplished certain things in your life. One thing I am confident of is that you and I have achieved these things in different ways. I could have struggled in the area you may have achieved so easily. However, we are no different despite our challenges because my struggle and failure did not deter me, I got up.


We need to be strengthened daily by learning from our past weakness or failure. When we have faced failure before, we have greater chance of coming out stronger. We just need the right fighting spirit in us.  Think back to those incidents that ruffed you up along the way – you probably are glad that you chose to get up.

If you feeling like you are down – remember that you have already been strengthened to get into round two! Think outside or beyond the box.

The strength is in the ability to get up and continue!

To your success



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