Doubt out have faith!

Don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith—Elizabeth Elliot

Faith is powerful. Doubt brings uncertainty or lack of conviction. Doubt is truly dangerous once you have started any project in your life. Faith gives you hope and encourages you to keep going. Doubt gives you fear and negative thinking that will hinder you from producing great results. Faith makes you appreciate key learning and progress made. Faith is believing that which you have not seen as though it is!

There are so many things that I personally attribute to faith in my life. Where it seemed so impossible, not because of doubt – but because every force around was against me proceeding towards achieving the goal. It is like going to the shops with no money to buy food. Goal is to get food but by faith you forge on – and before you realize it, you are at the counter with cash to buy food! Seems unbelievable but that is faith.


Pursue faith, understand how it works as it will benefit you in the long run. You can look up biographies of people who had faith and believed so much in their idea. Depending on your own view, I believe most of them lived a fulfilled life.

So whenever you start on anything, have clarity on the output or what you want to achieve. The route and methodology of getting there might change but if you have faith, you forge more alternatives to get there. If you have doubt, you either sit down or turn back. However, you have a choice – what do you choose: Faith or Doubt? Be wise.


To your success



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