positive imaginations!

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”—Sir Winston Churchill
What do you see? The choice is yours really. Today I chose to smile despite the news and what is happening around me. Today someone is opening a business in an economy where others are closing shop. The choice is yours, what do you see?


For you to ‘see’ you must have a strong and positive imagination.
I reflected a few days ago what someone should do when things are tough around them, especially in business. Should they focus on thinking about the problem at hand or how they can solve it? I concluded that it is about having a positive mind set and imagination on problem solving that helps to lift up your spirit when things are not going in the desired direction.
Take time to reflect and imagine the best and constantly remind yourself that a difficult position is temporary. Every challenge has potential to be solved. At times by you, and at times by someone else.
So take control of what you allow in your mind. Be an optimist in everything you do and take one day at a time.
To your success



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