You have the secret ingredient!

“Potential is only the beginning.”—Paul Evans
A few weeks ago I had the privilege to go up Table Mountain in Cape Town and view the city from there. It was refreshing and looked so beautiful. It made me think about how much potential we have as human beings as I saw the ships coming in to dock, the tall buildings sprouting here and there. Someone had an idea to build a city, and someone built their first building and so on. Today you see the city as it is but it started from something small.


Potential simply means having the capacity to become or to develop something in the future. I find this very powerful to know that I have potential. I have potential to become what I want, I have potential to produce what I want. We are all born achievers and we have the capacity to be successful people. What we need is to know exactly what it is that we want to achieve and always remember we have it in us to do it. Start today, one stage at a time and before you know, like the city I was looking at, you would have achieved so much when you look back.
Be inspired and get going.
To your success


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