Try it!

“It always seems impossible until it’s done”—Nelson Mandela
I sometimes feel like, ‘I can never do this….’ This usually happens to me when I get to a point where I come across the need to do something new. A new way of doing something, presenting in front of total strangers, or simply just creating something new. Fear of the unknown can be overwhelming but we all have to try. Some people choose not to try at all and lose out on what may have turned to be great. Remember they are always two outcomes to trying something – success or failure – so plan for both. When you try and you fail, you have a choice to try again. At times success will not come the first time but at least you made the first step.


So start trying to do new things today. Do not be overwhelmed by negative thoughts to the extent of paralysis. Be around the right people who can encourage you to try.
So go ahead and try it!
To your success,


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