Time Management

So many people know what time management involves but rarely use the principles. I confess, some days I just stare at the ceiling thinking of what I need to do- instead of getting up and doing it. Well today I will refresh you with just three tips on how to manage time and accomplish much more in a day.

  1. Move from doing everything yourself and delegate. Do what you have to do and pass on the rest to others. Delegation is a deep topic most women fail to do as entrepreneurs and end up feeling so overwhelmed.
  2. Is it important and urgent? Always ask this on each of the items you list to be done in a day. Whatever is not important and must be done will eventually get done, but not in the limited time now.
  3. Stop watching meaningless TV programs, spending time chatting on social media and many other bad time consuming habits. I will not emphasize this one!!!

So – as a business person, be conscious of how you are spending your time. Imagine if you managed to complete all value adding activities!! You would be ahead. So go on, manage the little time on your hands better than yesterday.

Hope you are inspired.

To your success


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