How to dream big!

I have worked with different women, and at the beginning of our relationship, you note that they suffer from low self-esteem despite their fabulous God given skills and natural beauty. They have no intention of ‘going far’ with their business or career. Their dream and plan is limited by various excuses. It is a sad situation. However, after three or so months when she is now confident and flourishing, you can never believe it is the same person. She will have a dream, not only a dream, but a BIG dream. Women can indeed be powerful and determined to achieve. I love that, and I almost always believe in the potential of each and every woman I meet. We all dream, and need to dream. A dream is a cherished aspiration, ambition or ideal and we need to believe in our dreams.

Do you have a dream? A big dream? What are you doing about it?

Successful people and businesses all started with dreams and aspirations. Give yourself time to think through, understand who you really are. You are unique in one way or the other. Do not think little of yourself. Live life and dream Big, Bold and out Loud. Most self-made millionaires started with a dream, it just has to start from somewhere: YOU.

Ask yourself these questions in order to develop and walk towards your dream.

  1. Have I identified the importance of what I want?
  2. Do I understand myself as a person? Me!
  3. Am I committed and focused?
  4. Do I have a mind-set for success?

A proper mental attitude will focus your energy and awaken your untapped abilities and resources. It is important to also interact with the right people, those that encourage and inspire you to even dream bigger. I have women who have become my friends and they are dreaming BIG and so close to achieving their BIG dreams, whilst some are already living them. From nothing to owning real estate, to running banks, building own schools. The dreams are so diverse because we are all unique, but the key is that we support each other as women to dream it and live it!

To your success


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