I do enjoy talking and writing about innovation as much as l do about change. For me, innovation helps your business in many ways. If you are innovative, you grow, you survive tough times, you inspire and many more good things come from innovation. Are you being innovative in your business? What new things are you doing to improve from yesterday? Innovation is simple and is defined by various authorities but taking from the dictionary, “Innovation is the transformation of knowledge into new products, services, etc. and it involves more than just science and technology. It involves discerning and meeting the needs of customers.” Innovation is also about creating value. This value creation can either be by improving existing or by developing goods, processes and services. So you can still go ahead and answer the question, are you being innovative?

Innovation continues to be the ‘new thing in town’ and for a good reason too. It will give you a competitive advantage in the long run for your business.

How can you best practice being innovative? Here are the areas to look into:

1. Look out for simple solutions and apply them – that is innovation. If your customers travel to you, and pay physical cash, you could simply introduce delivery service and online or mobile payments.
2. Making use of technology is a faster way to innovate. Start removing manual processes in many areas of your business. It will be cost effective and faster in the long run. You can apply technology in so many areas of your business if you decide to take time and look around.
3. Harness ideas. They are all around you. In the people, in the books you read. Be open minded even to your children’s creativity as they play, you could just get that idea that changes your business. You could also work with people that have insight on certain subjects and learn how to extract innovative ideas from them.

So go ahead and start proactively applying innovation in your business

To your success


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