Take it easy. FOCUS!

I hosted a ladies luncheon with a few friends who have kids around same ages as mine. It became more of a play date for the kids whilst as mums we were chatting and watching the kids play. Our conversation then strayed into business and one mum asked me about how long l had taken to make money in one of my businesses.

The truth had to come out so I explained that l tried business, closed the company for over 3 years years. Starting again did not make anything smoother, for two years l felt like l was sinking my time, money and effort into nothing – before it all started to pay off. It was a painful journey but with a clear vision, it finally took off. However, it has not achieved the levels I desire in terms of systems and also profitability but I am happy as the light is shining bright at the end of the tunnel.

My friend went to explain that she had a ‘money scheme’ that had been offered to her which really looked too good to be true. She was promised 100% investment back, and making over $3,000 a month without doing ‘much’. From her description, I believe it was just a simple pyramid scheme that enriches just a few at the top and the rest of the people pay out. A few dollars come to you as more people join and you remain thinking money will come. This type of business is not the same as a proper Network Marketing or multi-level marketing business. I actually have the privilege of working with a dynamic one which has been in existence for over 37 years. I have been mentored to make 6 figure income and today l also mentor others and show them how to work their business. In any real business you have to work, and in network marketing, it is the same. The greatest reward is that you earn what you want, can get to travel after achieving sales goals and more. Click HERE to get more detail about my business.

Would that be of interest to you? If so – Reply to this by email to statuscomfort@gmail.com giving me your full names and phone number (remember to include it with the country code). See the beauty of a global business!!! We can connect from anywhere.

Back to my point, two other mums then came out stating they had fallen prey to pyramid schemes in a bid to make quick money. I then realised that they are people who are willing to make money, but at times are offered the wrong options and actually lose money in the process.

My tips for you today are:
1. Avoid quick rich, too good to be true offers. Ask yourself, what value you are adding? Is there a product involved or is it just moving cash around, carry out research of people who have been in the business. Avoid using links sent by the very person who approached you about the business.
2. Plan to have business that demonstrates ability to outlive your own life time.
3. Try starting a business around your passion or learn a new skill and start your own business.
4. Make use of mentors and coaches till you stand on your feet. They can help you to put in the right systems and procedures to build a sustainable solid business. You can achieve anything you want.

To your success


p/s: Remember to watch clip of the type of business I am in HERE, and if you want to start your own business, email me and let me help you.

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  1. Linnet Gweshe | Reply

    Here, Mellany. thanks for this post. My question is how do I identify or engage a mentor. I personally would want a mentor who has been through what I am likely to go through in establishing my business. And being a woman, I want a woman to mentor me but have no idea where to find such a woman.


    1. Please email us on melmudiwa@gmail.com


  2. joyce mumba | Reply



    1. Hi Joyce. Thanks for reading!!!


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