Part 2, Get set and Go!

Most people regard capital as the only way they can establish a business. I differ with that, but do acknowledge that depending on what solution you are launching, you can have other methods of starting up with little or no capital. There is more to starting up a business than just capital. Today l want to help you with the last 2 steps to start activating your business idea and how to sustain growth. If you missed the first 3 steps, go back to part 1 and catch up.

In part 1 we covered the following steps:

1: Idea and Opportunity Screening
2: Planning (Marketing, Operations, Finance)
3: Monitoring, follow ups and corrective measures.
So we proceed to step 4 and 5 as follows:

Step 4: Use a planner or simple notebook.
So many people just forget. Simple things such as; Calling back, following up a customer, child’s birthday, meeting. Writing down every bit of action is important.

At the beginning of each day, you know the ‘must do’s’ for that day and at the end of each day, you quickly cross check. Find your golden hour, where you operate most effectively. Think through the key actions and apportion them on who must do them, yourself or you delegate it but you must make sure it is done. My golden hour is after my children are tucked away in bed, and l prepare myself a good cup of tea and start preparing my must do’s and who will do it.

Step 5: Look ahead – remember you carry the vision.
Never ever be caught staying in the moment as an entrepreneur. You may be operating from home, but if your vision involves creating big office park and carrying relevant staff, do not totally forget about it. You carry the vision so do not be distracted by being ‘busy’ with the season’s challenges. You got to tackle them both.

So my highlights are:
• Keep long term plans in the horizon. You can even use a vision board to ensure you visualize long term plans daily.

To close, I want to encourage you be assured: they are many ways to achieve the same goal. I find that it is important to discuss the options case by case. Whatever your situation, you have the power and potential to get a good business going or at least grow.

Get going!

To your success



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