Be in Control

During a workshop or one on one coaching, one of the most common asked questions is how do l start? I have an unknown fear, l have no capital and no marketing plan. Well today l want you to know that your life doesn’t get better by chance, you are in control. Your life gets better by change. Change the way you think, tell yourself you can and you will. As soon as you are convinced that you can and you will, your mind will open up to all possibilities of success. Action becomes the next step.

Capital is very topical with most women entrepreneurs, so you are not alone. Where is it written hard and fast that for a business to be successful or to start, capital and lots of it is required? Think about it! It is all in the mind. We are made to stagnate by that which we totally believe. Change your mind-set today and be able to work effectively with what you have. Did you know that Amazon, Disney, Google, just to mention a few started from backyards or simple garage? Yes, they had idea, created solution that people wanted and started somewhere, with what they had. You too can start with what you have. I marvel at one company that was very humble and told the customer that they have no money to provide the product- the customer trusted them and paid in advance, and that company has become so successful.

I want to encourage you to start thinking positively about everything you do. Every time you have an excuse, write it down and think of ways to get around it. Get help from friends or business people who have been successful. It does not matter even if you are thinking of doing a business that you know somebody else failed at. Learn from their mistakes and remember your vision is unique to you. Dare to be different always – you can make it. Think big, be committed and you will succeed. Remember that whatever you can dream, you can do. Just start to work on it. It will not be all rosy on the journey, but at least you are on the right road and you know your destination.

To your success



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