How l improved my selling in 3 weeks!

Selling is dreaded by most people, and yet it is what brings in the cash. In college, I dreaded even doing role play on how to close a sale, and when I started my business part time, I lacked confidence. Now I have changed and evolved, I am not the same person I was years ago. I actually have people who say to me, oh Mel, you can sell anything. I love selling now and yes, cash rolls in. I even have a network marketing business for myself as part of my multiple streams of income strategy. It is just so much fun.

So, are you racking in the income you desire from all your sales efforts? Are you actively selling your services and products or you are leaving it out due to fear, lack of capacity or knowledge of what to really do? Do not confuse advertising with selling, they are two completely different activities.

Anyway, one aspect of selling is that customers want the guarantee that when they purchase your product or service, there is total satisfaction. Below are some pointers that helped me with my sales process. Believe it or not in a space of six months l had doubled my clientele base. Yes, DOUBLE!

• Your product/service benefits must be clear – Are your benefits clear? Do they inspire customers to find money to work with you or invest in your product?
• My marketing language was jargon free. Is your language jargon-free? Use simple language that your ideal customers can easily relate to?
• Be honest, be real. Don’t be unnatural in your voice as you try to pitch your product face to face with a client, state the facts just like you would explain directions to your house to someone.
• Use your business card to its full potential, make sure at the back of it you write all the juicy information/benefits your customers may get from your services.
• Include incentives and reasons for people to take immediate action, e.g. the first 10 customers will get a free gift.

Sales is a process, so understand it so that you benefit from it. Making use of these few tips will help you increase those sales in no time. Trouble selling drop me an email ‘’ so we can chat more.

Do not miss out on the 3 week challenge to selling! If you do it right, you will increase sales. By what percentage?? It is all up to you! Join me and several other women on the challenge today. REGISTER HERE. Please note, the 3 week challenge is not a free service. It is for a serious person who wants to grow their business.

To your success



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