Social Media Presence: Facebook

During online coaching conversations, one of the common questions asked is – “which social media platform should l use for my business?” My answer to all women entrepreneurs is that, it actually depends on your business. Yes, it depends on what you are selling and even your target market. You surely cannot try to be on every platform or you will find that most can be ineffective.

Today l will give you ideas and tips for Facebook

1. Your business can be on Facebook if you are ready to commit time and effort to churning out consumer content that is helpful. People want solutions in the content you send to them. Push tools, tips, news and trends in your industry. As you push information (solution content) to your audience on Facebook, try and avoid being like a sales man – or being salesy. It is likely to put off your customers.
2. Keep your content fresh and updated and engage your audience, especially if they communicate with you on the page. You need to build relationships with them in an honest and very entertaining way.
3. Engage when followers want to interact with you on your page. So be prepared to be ‘there’.
4. To increase followers, make sure that you target the right profiles if you are to ‘boost’ your posts. There is nothing wasteful like getting people to like your page and not be interested in the content you churn out.

To your success




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