Your business idea… How far?

Have you launched your business idea?

Today l am focusing on all women entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas, and have planned and planned, and planned to launch their idea. Have you taken your idea to the market and how far have you gone with your goals.

It can be daunting to introduce something new or even to modify your product – yet you are convinced of success at the same time. Below are tips and ideas on how to launch soon if you are still to:

1. Ensure that you have right target market (these are people you believe your product will resolve their current needs).
2. Create anticipation of your upcoming launch to your target market. I usually recommend 3 weeks prior, but it differs from product or service to be launched. You can send out a communication to entice your target market.
3. You can post a special offer in the material you prepare to build anticipation.
4. If it is a live launch – Prepare launch venue and program on time. Give it out to those who confirm attendance, 3 days before event.
5. Launch – you can actually record your actual launch and place it on YouTube or mail to those who were interested in coming but failed for some reason.

Don’t “freeze” up on your idea. Don’t procrastinate. If interested in getting a helping hand – email to

To your success


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