Get customers rushing for your products!

Are you in love with Android or iOS?

Whatever the operating systems mean and come with: (Android – Samsung, and other brands) and (iOS-iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) I am currently convinced and loving my Android phone. I remain an avid follower of Samsung mobile phones. With the launch of S6, I was amazed at the headlines, Korean Giant sells 6 million S6 in just 20 days. Yes, here is the link, read for yourself, CLICK HERE.

Why am I telling you about S6 sales in 20 days? What does it have to do with your business?

Well, the lesson is simple! When you create a product for your customers, you must always provide a compelling reason for them to exchange their money with value. If there is no value, customers will not be bothered, and this will lead to product failure. After the launch of S6 and S6 Edge, I just moved from my lovely Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to S6 Edge after reading the new value proposition. It is a value proposition that demonstrates that more value has been added and I need the new additions as they will simplify my life.

Similar examples, of good value addition to products, and increasing sales from the same customers can be found anywhere- even book writers add value to the same book after a short period. They introduce the first book, then move to the same book and call it volume 2 with probably a few corrections and chapter, then to volume 3 and so on. However each volume comes with real and compelling additional value.

So you too can do the same on your current product. Start adding value through compelling modifications and charge a premium for it. If you held a workshop last month, modify the next workshop so that you get new customers coming through and all your prior attendees to come again. Brilliant.

Do you need help with ideas on how you can create additional value to your business or product? Like us on Facebook and send through your questions on the page, we will gladly respond.

To your success


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