Tips to pitch your PRODUCT or PRICE offer.

As an entrepreneur, one of the roles you need to play when starting up with limited finance is being a sales person yourself or manager of the team. If you did not grow up in an entrepreneurial environment, you may find the sales process very long, irritating and embarrassing when faced with rejection. Imagine you have a fabulous “product or service” and someone just says no – not interested. That can dampen your spirit. The good news is that, ‘it is not the end of your business, vision, nor is it the end of your life. Move to the next potential client ensuring that you are offering benefits that solve their need!

For you to be successful, you have to sell something to someone. This is simply exchanging value of what you have and getting paid for it. So you cannot run away from the sales process. One common challenge with women entrepreneurs is fear of mentioning the value of their product or service, (PRICE)! When it comes to the money part, their voice becomes shaky and tone changes, others blush and think oh my, let me discount. Just the fear and expression of doubt kills the whole product confidence to your potential client.

So guess what, l want you to practice communicating confidently what you or your product is worth as part of a smooth sales pitch. It has to come out so natural like saying your name and contact number! Just to let you in, a friend of mine, a speech coach recently told me that he used to charge USD60.00 for 10 meetings with a client. So I asked him, what are you charging now? And without a winch or blink in his eye he said $500.00. I particularly refer people to him because he knows what he is worth and gives you value for money. You can do the same too and turn around your business.

Do you find mentioning your value or product price difficult or fearful? Get in touch for tips on how to overcome this challenge today.

To your success



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