Shake off doubt and indecision

As each day passes on, you definitely feel overwhelmed because of the demand or pressure for your business to be successful. I face pressure from the fact that l have to work my business in the environment of toddlers and so writing, creating programs, hosting workshops, preparing my marketing campaigns and many more becomes “hectic”. However, its` really not about the kids or other family commitments – its` just about pure doubt and indecision of what l need to do.

Doing something new can trigger fear- and so there is need to always take that one deep breath and find courage – yes – courage and power.

1. Be in control of your mind
Fear is all in the mind and so it is important for you to remember that you remove fear and quickly create the level of certainty you want. List those things that you are truly certain about and create affirmations about any situation that you are likely to face.

2. Remember you are always learning
One thing my coach taught me is that we are all continuously learning. This means that when doubt comes, you need to relax and do your best to evaluate the alternatives. If you choose the “wrong” alternative, and realise the mistake – just learn from it and move on. Avoid quitting when you truly believe in the success of your business.

3. Look to your cheer leader
In times of doubt, it is important to have someone who has a positive perspective about you and your business. This person will give you enough courage to keep moving.

To your success


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