3 Ways to get Value from your Team!

Whilst I am not a human resource expert, l have come to understand that, the well-being of your team – even if it is one person you work with, is very important. When a team member is happy – they are likely to perform at their “best” level, which in turn leads to them being productive within the team or organisation.

It is therefore important that as you recruit team members you identify what drives each person, and then tailor make their remuneration and training. There is no point engaging someone who is not willing to learn and be innovative in a job that requires 80% for them to be learning and taking initiative. They will just not be happy or satisfied. If someone is still working for money you may be surprised they are not interested in any other “benefits” you offer such as gym, magazines, professional clubs – to them they would rather have the $300 you pay towards these services in their pocket.

Did you know that the environment that someone works in has a bearing on the output? My home office is designed to my liking and when I sit to work, I produce more. Big corporates that are people centred have realised this, and make use of open plan relaxed offices. You too can help your team be more productive and stimulate creativity by ensuring the right comfortable environment.

So this week you could try make some changes by doing the following:

1. Get honest feedback on what an employee expects.
2. Understand where they are – are they looking for personal growth, money or child care? Find out what drives them.
3. What type of environment makes them perform at their best?

In case you know your employees will not be so open, allow them to use a suggestion box (works if you have more than 1 employee) – though it is really important for you to foster open communication channels. They can also give you feedback via email, or simply a face to face meeting if they are truly free to express themselves.

Treat your team as partners in business, and note that they are not machines but have preferences, feelings and am sure love to work with you to deliver satisfying results.

To your success


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