Improve your work life balance today!

Due to changes in the global economy – you may find yourself over-whelmed by the frantic need to work – and work so as to pay off bills. As a woman entrepreneur, you need to still make money gracefully and remain in control.
So don’t allow yourself to be caught up in this frantic cycle – there are simple things you can do today to distress, refocus yourself in a healthy way.

I want to share just three alternatives with you today – these are:
1. Walk – a good 30 minutes’ walk. This will give your brain a good boost especially if it is one of those early morning walks.
2. Do something new and outside your work area – this can be crazy like singing. I love singing in the shower – or dancing and singing to fast music in the lounge. You could choose playing drums, guitar or other instrument of your choice. This can stimulate your brain to relax as you learn to do exciting stuff outside work.
3. Count your blessings: I love counting my blessings – they are always worth much more than my bills. Just appreciating life – in myself, my family and my health. Gift of friends, the power of love and kindness to others – and just being in good health. Nothing can replace all these things – money won`t and so debt won`t either. Counting your blessings works in that you are focused on “good” stuff and not negative issues. You can even affirm yourself and declare things you want to see in the future. A dash of day-dreaming!

So take a deep breath and cool down!

Work on your business today from a healthy and refreshed point of view. Get yourself a free ‘planning’ resource from me, and your work – life balance could change.

To your success


p/s. I hope you have received your copy of the free resource – Power Plan. If not CLICK HERE.  Also visit our online shop for next to nothing, free material you can use to improve your business immediately! Click Here.

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