What Role are you playing in your business?

As women entrepreneurs and founders of our businesses, sometimes we become faced with the reality of having to manage people. As long as you have a team, they want some form of management and they definitely need a leader.
So the challenge is upon you to play the two roles for some time, and then when stable, hand over the management aspect. They is a difference between managing and leading. As the leader, you will focus on the vision, direction, people, principles and values of the company. The manager’s role involves ensuring, delivering efficiently on the targets for the business. The manager also looks at processes and improves them.

Don’t stress if you are just in between right now, especially if you have a small team. You will actually be more management than leadership and as team grows, you then handover. My advice for a workforce that is more than three people, is quickly identify someone to take over the management role as you will be also wearing many other hats in the beginning. Yes- you find yourself in the marketing, sales, and even running with human resources issues such as pay checks and other administration issues.

When leadership and management roles are well balanced, your business should be able to grow, improve on revenues and profitability. If you invest in the right systems, like I have done, you can even afford to release yourself from the business and do what you love – entrepreneurship, and start planning other business ventures.

All the best to your business!

To your success.

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