Press On!

I have been thinking so much about a famous statement, “A soldier does not fight the weather, but fights within the weather.” I have no idea of the author of this phrase but it is encouraging. This was triggered by the fact that l have met a lot of entrepreneurs who feel like giving up because of the general conditions in the economy. Yes the tide has changed globally, but does it mean we have to focus on the conditions?

I would say as entrepreneurs, acknowledge the new dynamics but avoid focusing on them as the problem. Rather focus on how you can overcome the challenge and still achieve your business goal. In a difficult economy you can achieve your dream if you are focused on the right forces. Forces against you, know and understand them, but concentrate on those forces that are working for your benefit.

My challenge to you is that when you are faced with  harsh forces against you, engage your team in everything you do. A team does not necessarily mean working with a lot of people, even if you are working with one person-the two of you form a team. This will assist you to have more ideas on the table on how to deal with the conditions at play. You then plan ahead as a team and give each other activities to accomplish. You can only be a great team if everyone is fully participating and moving in the same understanding.

So, in this season, no matter which country you are living and doing business in, you need to PRESS ON. Come rain, come sunshine- press on, you will get there. Take heart, in business mistakes are proof that you are doing something, don’t allow mistakes to discourage you but learn from them.

I believe in your DREAM.


To your success
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