Urgent? Is it important? or Important but not urgent?

Most people are becoming so obsessed with the issue of riches these days. The great irony is, if successful people concerned themselves with that mind they would never have made it big. How about working to make money rather than working for money, try it you will go far. Look at creating wealth instead of instant riches that dry up the moment you are admitted in a hospital for a few days….

l believe, like me, you want to be very successful. So here are some cool tips:-

1. Do things that really make a difference – do what really matters. Keep the distractions and everything that doesn’t matter to a minimum, if possible avoid by all means. Some of these include ;- Watching TV series for long hours, over sleeping, stressing over everything leading to poor health, fussing over your appearance to extend of low self esteem, carrying un-forgiveness . It does not add to anything in your life or wealth creation journey.

2. What matters is what you do. Do that which contributes to your wealth creation journey by:-

• Getting into habit of learning about your business area and how best to innovate and be more efficient.
• Going out into the world and explore how others are doing it better than you.
• Gaining confidence from your success and wisdom from your failure.

Lastly, understand that it is all entirely up to you to manage your time, grow your knowledge and to grow your business.

Sometimes things you consider important to you- may not add value and may not be urgent. Do important and urgent things!

To your success, Mel.


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