Fake it till you make it! Ha?

The tittle caught my attention as I was reading an article from Entrepreneur magazine. I just had to understand what this had to do with very successful entrepreneurs. This was apparently the testimony of Reg Lascaris and his partner. When they started their Agency, they did not have offices and rather than not doing anything, they would impress their clients by stating that they would like to come to them as if it was a favour. Today they are successful. this is what was mean’t by Fake it till you make it – it is all about believing and valuing yourself, have the confidence that you can make it. I am quite sure it was not all rosy for Reg Lascaris and partner but they made it.

Reflecting on the above, for me it translates to thinking outside the box, or getting lemon and making lemonade type of move in business. Do not take wrong connotation of FAKE here, but it involves strategy and working hard for you to gain your ultimate success till it is real. Fake it, also called “act as if” is a common catchphrase that means to imitate so the confidence built around produces success. ‘Faking it’ in this context is a business skill. We all have moments when we have to fake confidence to sell an idea. How to appear confident is a valuable asset in any job, it is a skill to be able to walk in and act like you know what you are doing even if you do not- though my advice to many is, get knowledge & understanding in your very industry, but at times we can’t know it all can we?

So this week, just review your one key business challenge, and maximise it to the benefit of you and your customers.

Examples I think of right now:

Customer says do you deliver, I want the gift delivered to my house. Instead of a BIG no, you can say, “There is a charge to every delivery for a radius of 50Km.” Instead of losing a client, am sure if they want to pay for delivery, you can get your messenger/driver to jump into a taxi and deliver this parcel on your behalf.

Like the Agency example: A client says we are coming and want a presentation from you. Turn around and say, “we would like to present to you at your offices, it’s part of our know your customer in and out program.’ Next time we will invite you to our place too!

They are may ways to getting around situations, but never ever give up!!


2 responses

  1. Hey mel, thanks for that it is indeed profound and used carefully delivers results. It caught my attention too and i wanted to understand where we are going with the term FAKE.


    1. Hi Leslie
      As stated earlier, fake in this case is not in the negative context. So I would probably want to describe this scenario as: be real in business, and turn negative situations into positive by thinking outside the box. You have to be genuine with customers so ‘Hang in there, till you make it!” So really, don’t pretend, come up with genuine ways that lead you to success.


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