Marketing Mix examples


Marketing Mix examples

Nike soccer shoes and clothing

Key Laddering Insights

Gives me a sense of belonging to a certain group makes a part of the soccer community. I wish I could live the lifestyle of a professional soccer player.

Marketing Implications

Sponsor tournament locally and nationally, Put premier soccer players numbers on shoes

Buy time in the score box shown on the TV screen during games. Offer Nike soccer, newsletters, statistics, and promotions at POP


Sony Playstations

Key Laddering Insights

My friends come over and we spend an evening working together through a game or playing against each other

Challenging games require more critical thinking and decision making. It feels like a puzzle rather than a game.

Marketing Implications


Set up gaming kiosks in night clubs in large cities such as LA and New York

Get Joe and chandler to play PlayStation on friends

Set up stores displays away from other game systems and in unsharpened outlets such as bookstores.

Target magazines such as maxim, Si and Playboy with mature ads


J&J non allergenic soap

Key laddering Insights

It’s dependable and trustworthy

I am concerned about my skin and keeping it healthy. – J&J takes those worries away

I guess it’s because I feel like a responsible parent and that is really important to me

It makes me look as though I spend days at the beauty salon, like I am very sophisticated person. I am just smart about the products that I use

I can find it anywhere so I never have to worry about not being able to get it.

Marketing Implications

Free sample size soaps in children bags and during children classes.

Offer the soap in bulk sizes at bulk prices to appeal to family consumption. Sell the soap at health stores. Have doctors distribute the samples during visits. Set up PDP displays that illustrates a muddy child washing his face while a mother looks on with a smile of approval.

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