Categories of brands, Lean branding process, Employer Branding Framework

Categories of brands by ownership

Manufacturer brands

Indicates and owned by producers

Owner label brands

Indicates and owned by resellers

Generic brands

Indicates only the product category: does not include the company name or other identification terms

Licensed brands

Use of names or symbols of other manufacturers often used in fashion and luxury good industry

Combination of brands

Brands : Co branding, cooperation of two manufacturers of branded goods for one product.


Corporate branding

















Branding made simple

For quick and easy way to use of branding: Color, Photography, Fonts, Branding elements, Logo, Brand proposition.



Lean branding process


Business model, Competitive positioning, Brand Architecture


Tagline, Key messages, brand stories, customer journey, product architecture, tone of voice.


Design genres, Design concepts, Design system, Brand guidelines, Brand Implementation




Employer Branding Framework

Phase 1 Audit and analysis

Define people strategy organizational goals and objectives

Understanding current EVP perceptions and channel effectiveness

Internal focus groups, management interviews and surveys

Audit report and gap analysis

Phase 2 EVP strategy development

Development of unique attributes and EVP statements

EVP Cross check

Phase 3 Testing and Approval

Test EVP statements across divisions and regions

Development of communication strategy plan

Phase 4 Alignment and communication

EVP process alignment

Internal engagement and communication

External communication roll out

Phase 5 Management and Metrics

Reporting structure and function

Internal and external metrics

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