Supply chain management and new business opportunities

Supply chain management and new business opportunities

In manufacturing, there is a great importance of supply chain. The supply chain of any company involves different parameters including logistics, channel management, production planning, material planning, and output planning.

Supply chain of any company involves direct involvement of various internal and external stake holders. Supply chain earlier was considered to be a part of either operation management or of marketing management. We need to consider various parameters involved in supply chain management. SCM, as a whole, is an essential component of value chain. Automobile majors such as Ford motors, GM, Chevrolet are some of the great examples related to supply chain management. These companies are considered to be perfect examples in automobile supply chain space. Supply chain companies involve great logistics abilities, along with purchasing, production planning, and material management.

Backbone of any supply chain: Warehousing

Warehousing is considered to be the backbone of any supply chain. It involves proper stock management, SKU management, stock clearance, logistics management, and transportation management. Warehousing has taken care of essential features related to logistics management.

Warehouse management has involved many third party players, entrepreneurs, and investors in this business. We will discuss more on the opportunities for new businessmen in warehousing sector.

Great businesses have succeeded in this world by improving their supply chains. As a business men you can act as a third party warehousing support for big or small companies. The opportunity which we are discussing is similar or same as of “carrying and forwarding agents”. These carrying and forwarding agents use diverse warehousing techniques which involve good revenue commission of around 0.5 to 2 % on the goods kept in your warehousing. The cost involved is of loading and boarding, electricity and water, labor, rent, wastage etc. The study conducted by many research teams has shown that the cost is mitigated by the involvement of new techniques and also with the involvement of smart business acumen.

Many think that anything related to logistics and supply chain involves only men not women. But I think it carries equal business opportunities for woman as it is for men.



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