Business opportunities in new technologies

Business is always fun when done with proper methodologies, it carries high value risk as well as high value returns. With the global economy expanding with 4% average growth rates, there is a great scope of new and existing businesses to grow to new heights. We have been working in the modern age & have never seen much potential in breakthrough technology as we see today.


The world is changing in a very fast manner and we are seeing extensive growth in different business domains. We see growth in manufacturing, automotive, fertilizer, infrastructure, power sector, road sector, construction, electronics, and medical science.

There are new technologies in diverse sectors. Primarily we tend to focus more on technology sectors such as telecommunication and electronics. With strong advancement in these sectors we see high end earning potential for technocrats investing their time and money in this sector.

When we talk of electronics, we talk about wafer fabs, we talk about diods, we talk about embedded technologies. So we see high advancement and research in this sector. With more and more investment coming in this sector and allied sectors we can explore new potential in this sector. With more and more people putting their stake in this sector we can predict it as a sunrise sector.

Taiwan, South korea, Japan have excelled in high tech electronics manufacturing while China is perceived as low cost bulk manufacturing destination. As an entrepreneur you look to invest in electronics and in the telecomm sector. We see new concepts and investment zones persisting in this domain and also in the high end manufacturing zones. With new technologies growing in the world we see advancement not just in this sectors but also in allied sectors.

In telecommunication field we see advancement in 3G and 4G technologies, we see unexpected growth in both of these spectrums, and we see advancements in value added services offered by various service providers. In handset manufacturing we see unexpected boom in smart phones, advance handsets, tablets. With more and more apps coming into existence we see a powerful market happening in near future for these devices.




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  1. I want to be an entrepreneur, but lack skill. Can you help?


    1. Dear Michelo,
      Please email me on and advise what business you are in and what challenge you need coaching on. Also put in your contact details for someone call you. Thank you for reading and I hope you are getting the benefits.


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