Leadership Qualities of Women Entrepreneurs

Regardless of whether you call it management, leadership, supervision or staying in charge, a set of skills are required to emerge successful. You need to put in your efforts to play the role of a leader. You need to utilize the traits in order to reach your goals within the stipulated time. Leadership qualities appear illusive irrespective of the positions and desires. Just because somebody has been made the in-charge does not mean that she has those traits. You can easily come across the bunch of “bad bosses”, who practically ruin the image of an organization.

Women entrepreneurs can harness their leadership skills, even if they were not born with it. Attending the management classes and reading books can be immensely helpful. You can imbibe those qualities by following your role models and by exhibiting similar behaviors.

Below are stated some of the leadership qualities that women entrepreneurs must possess:

  • You Must Not Hang Back: As a leader, you must not show your reluctance to participate. You must be quickly immersed in the efforts you put in. With generosity and right knowledge you can harness your leadership skills. Women must take active role and engage in group works.
  • Take Up Responsibilities: You should be able to take up responsibilities and help others emerge victorious. Look at the opportunities in your way and grab them. You must be clear about your expectations and take each step carefully.
  • Women Leaders must Take the Initiative: You must not wait for others to point at what you should do, rather look for what should be done. Begin to self start your mind and begin with endeavors to bring improvements. Try to find solutions to problems, this will offer positive impact on your business image. Your efforts will surely not go unnoticed.
  • Engage in Open and Honest Conversations: Communicate with groups in all directions. This constitutes characteristics of good leaders. Women with good leadership qualities can unite people with their consistency and clarity. So, make sure to pay attention to something that others are trying to tell. Check your own reactions and see what causes them. Make sure not to over communicate.
  • Believe in Yourself: Good leaders learn from the face of defeat, they move ahead with positive energy and eventually move closer to their goals. Positive attitudes can be highly powerful. You must keep in mind these aspects, if you want to be given more responsibilities or promoted. You can see opportunities coming your way in the long run and you will become a leader in true sense of the term.

You become a leader when others start following you. You may have worked in the leadership position, but focused only on your own performance with a cutting edge attitude. You will fail to become a leader in the actual sense in the long run for this attitude. Engage the whole group and influence others thinking. This will help you devise an effective strategic plan.


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  1. Rufaro Gweshe | Reply

    Thanks for a thought provoking and equipping post Mel. I agree that as women we owe it to ourselves and to those we lead to grow the leader within us. I believe this growth must be based on our own leadership philosophy. I’ve included a quote from the book ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandburg the COO of Facebook which I think embodies the heart of leadership.
    “Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”
    Looking forward to the next bit of knowledge from you Mel.


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